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Thank you for everything you did to make my mom's wishes happen.

Sue Owens
February 9, 2024

Thank you for making this difficult time easier for us. The wonderful staff took care of everything.

Thank you so much.

Family of Mary Smith
December 13, 2023

Dear Friends at Lane,

Thank you so much for the sweet rose arrangement that you sent to honor Mrs. Baker. But more importantly, thank you for your support and guidance as we walked through another family member's passing into heaven. Lane Funeral Home has been a part of our lives for our whole lives and you are in our book, the very BEST! Thank you for continuing the Lane legacy of professionalism, efficiency and sensitivity to meeting a family's needs during the loss of a loed one. Blessings for years to come!

Family of Phyllis Baker
November 16, 2023

Our family thanks you for all the services and care you gave our mother and grandmother. Everything was organized and professional and very much appreciated. Your helping us through the funeral process and the compassion you showed our family at this difficult time will always be remembered.

The Cofer Family & The Thomas Family

Family of Eva Cofer
June 22, 2023

Lane Funeral Home Staff,

Thank you so much for the care you gave our mother (she looked very beautiful) and the thoughtful service you provided to the entire family!

The Boyer Family
John, Bryan & Jody

Family of Josephine Boyer
January 17, 2023

Thank you for all your kindness over this past week. You are a blessing.
Mary Sneed

Family of Larry Sneed
October 31, 2022

Thank you so much for making our precious sister's service so beautiful.

Nora Brown
Rick Cooke

Family of Jean Hicks
July 2, 2022

Thank you so much for the flower arrangement. And thank you all for being so kind and helping us through our mom (Mabel Cox) funeral service. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

Becky and Jack, Jody and April, and Tammy

Mabel Cox Family
May 31, 2022

Not sure "thank you" is enough for all you did - you made all difficult and emotional time for my family as comforting as could be possible. You and all your staff were so kind and considerate of our every need.

Thank you
Starr Kerr

Adena Jones Family
May 31, 2022

To Staff of Lane Funeral Home,
Thank you so much for the rose in remembrance of our mother, Martha McCarter. A special thanks to Monica for all your help with a very difficult time in our lives.

Martha McCarter Family
April 7, 2022

Thank you so much for all the love shown to our family in the loss of our precious Mom, Erma Wallace. Even in a difficult time, you all made our grief better. You took such good care of her at the funeral home, the service at White Oak Baptist Church and the graveside service.
Thanks to Barry Miller for doing such a good job and becoming a "new friend". Thanks to Tammy for always taking good care of us and to the other staff who had a part in providing such wonderful services to our family.

In appreciation,
The Wallace Family

Family of Erma Wallace
March 29, 2022

Dear Lane Funeral Home,
Thank you for taking such tender care of all my mother's arrangements. The yellow rose you placed in her viewing room was a very special touch. It showed us you listened and truly cared. During a shocking time that left us heart broken. Monica and Gene served us well and comforted our hearts. We will be forever grateful for your kindness and compassion.

Blair Ballard & Chip & Ben O"Neal

The O'Neals
October 4, 2021

Ed at Lane Funeral is a kind and caring man who cares about people and loves and serves God.

Natasha Williams
June 25, 2020

Ed and his staff go above e and beyond ! First my mother’s funeral in 2017 he and his staff treated us as family and did know all of my family . Everything was perfect for her in every way. Then , my aunts passing this January they took my worries , concerns and showed me that there is still kindness in this world as well as compassion. I could never repay them for what they all have done for me. To my surprise , they surpassed all that again today ! As it being my aunts birthday today I got a message from Ed and his staff that they are honoring her birthday as well and asked if there was anything they could do, I am in tears my faith in people has been restored , this kind of kindness will never be forgotten . Thank you Thank you! From the bottom of my heart , God Bless you all

Amanda Dykes
May 6, 2020

Our beloved cousin, Martha Owen Thatcher, surrounded by those that loved her dearly, transitioned from her mortal body into the presence of Jesus on August 21, 2019. We would like to extend our sincere appreciation and heartfelt gratitude to Monica Adkins, Gene Land and James Samples at Lane Funeral Home. They were there for us every step of the way and orchestrated the visitation and funeral at First Centenary UMC and out of town interment in Martha's hometown of Sweetwater, TN with professionalism, dignity and respect.

A very special thank you to Gene Land, who was persistent in visiting and talking with Martha when she was not as ill, to make sure he clearly understood what her preferences and desires were for the visitation and funeral. He then made sure those were honored and we are very grateful to him for that. Gene has been a trusted staff member of Lane Funeral Home for many years and demonstrated the same level of professionalism with the funeral arrangements for Greg's parents.

Greg and Valerie Worth
September 16, 2019

Lane Funeral Home, During a time like this we realize how much our family and friends really mean to us. Your expression of sympathy will always be remembered.

Thank you Albert for all your help. The flowers are beautiful.

Family of Charles Dupree
January 20, 2019

Thank you for the beautiful rose arrangement you placed by Mother's guest book. Thank you too for the ham given to our family. You have a beautiful facility and made us comfortable and welcome while there. A special thanks to Ed and Gene, personal friends of our parents and now new friends, George and Tammy, who helped us with arrangements.

Dot Morgan
November 19, 2018

Thank you to everyone there at the funeral home in helping with Helen Price's funeral. The visitation and actual service was so nice and we appreciate your attending to all our needs at that time. The single white rose was beautiful also.

Family of Mary Helen Price
November 12, 2018

Thank you for taking care of all in a professional and caring way! Thank you for the rose.

Familty of Ilene McInroy
September 17, 2018

Dear "Friends at Lane", especially Steve and Gene. Thank you so much for helping our family thru this time. Your accomodating us was a comfort and peace in honoring our Dad. We appreciate having these special cards, album and other remembrances, too. Also, thank you for the beautiful rose, a special touch, a symbol of our "Barger" love. With sincere appreciation.

Family of Warren Barger
July 18, 2018

Bless you from the bottom of my oh-so-thankful heart. Your kindness was so thoughtful. May God bless each of you. Brad, you and Donna are our angels.

Family of Rocky Dill
January 23, 2018

The family of Raymond Gross Sr. would like to thank you for your care and assistance as we planned his funeral. Thank you for the red rose given in his memory. We thank you for making the process smooth, even during a very difficult time in our family.

Family of Raymond Gross Sr.
December 6, 2017

Dear Lane Funeral Home,
Thank you so much for the red rose you sent to my dad, James E. Patton's memorial service. That was so very thoughtful of your staff.

Family of James Patton
November 27, 2017

Brad and staff at Lane, thank you for the care and attention you showed our family during this hard time of saying temporarily good by to Dad. We were all so pleased with the receiving friends, funeral and graveside and felt Dad would have been too. Thank you for the red rose bud vase to express your sympathy.

Family of Tom Bible
November 27, 2017

Thank you for the beautiful flowers and for the service and support during our family's difficult days. Well Done!

The Tapley Family
October 16, 2017

Thank you so much for all your compassion and assistance with Rod's funeral. I'm not sure how I would have done it without you holding my hand. You are a true honor to your profession.

Rodney Fowler Family
September 20, 2017

Thank you for everything you all did to make everything so much easier for us and for taking care of Nanny.

Family of Kathryn Arnold
September 18, 2017

I just want to give a huge sincere thank you to Bradley. He went above and beyond to make sure my family was happy and taken care of. It was a very stressful, confusing and demanding service and he committed to it as a true professional should. I pray I do Not need services any time soon, if I do I'm coming to Lane Funeral Home, Ashland Terrace. Thank you ALL for Being amazing people! I will recommend Lane Funeral Home, Ashland Terrace to anyone. Thank you!

Erica ( Cantrell service)
August 28, 2017

Thanks to all of you...for everything. Thank you so much for your kindness and support during this difficult time. We are deeply grateful.

The Bull Family
August 18, 2017

May we take this opportunity to thank you for the lovely arrangement. Our family is touched by your kindness.

The Watters Family
August 18, 2017

Thank you all so very much for all the love, comfort and support that you provided. You went above and beyond with each of us (and that is a lot). You're the best!!!

Family of Joe Elliott
August 10, 2017

I will never forget your kindness. Thank you for everything you have done.
Love Always,

Family of Anna Elliott
July 28, 2017

Our family deeply appreciates your kind expression of sympathy in our time of sorrow. We can not convey how much your thoughts, prayers, friendship and kindness has touched our hearts. We are truly blessed to have family and friends like you and are thankful for all you've done.

Family of Shaun Barlow
July 14, 2017

We fell like you all went above and beyond for our family. Thanks so very much.

Connie Barlow
July 11, 2017

Dear Brad & Staff,
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all you did to make this most difficult time more bearable. Coming to the house to do the arrangements was such a relief. Then all the things each of you did to make the visitation and service the success it was is very much appreciated. We had so many compliments on the way things were handled. You all are special to us! Thanks for the beautiful rose! You all are loved by us! May God bless you all!

Joyce Sampley
June 6, 2017

Thank you for the special care.

Joe McClure & Family
June 6, 2017

Thank you so much for remembering John with a tree seedling planted in his memory. This means a lot to me and my family.

God Bless You

Maxine Holloway
April 12, 2017

Thank you so much for all of your kindness and help as we prepared for my grandfather's funeral. We really appreciate you and I can't imagine how it must be to work with the grieving every day. But you made the process easier and that's very special. Thank you!

Jennifer Moorman
March 22, 2017

Dearest Bradley & Staff
Thank you so much for making the passing of my brother, Robbie a happy experience. You and your staff are truly gifted to assist with grieving relatives!! Much Love

Lori Sanders
March 22, 2017

Thank you all for your kind attentiveness during this difficult time. The flowers were beautiful and your thoughtfulness was much appreciated. God Bless You!

Paula Holmes & Family
March 22, 2017

Thank you so much for helping us through this difficult time. You understood our humor and laughed with us when we needed it. I am sure you tell everyone those wonderful things but to us it meant everything.

Kristina & Joe
March 20, 2017

Thank you for being fun and easy going through our mothers passing. You are appreciated.

Melanie Harvey
March 17, 2017

We can't thank you enough for your thoughtfulness and help throughout the loss of our son. You all have been so kind and generous and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Steven & Rebecca Briggs
February 28, 2017

Dear Members of Lane Funeral Home, Thank you for the love and support you've shown us during the time of my Mom's recent passing.  We really do appreciate all you've done for us.

Family of Mary Brumley
August 22, 2016

I just want to say thank you for all you guys do and did.  I was thinking today and thought about how hard your jobs really are, then I thought God knows who to place in each position there and knows what really needs to be said.  I feel without God, your group would have a very hard time with the words to say to families.  My Mickey always loved the staff and always had great things to say when he would come home after helping with a funeral and now I know first had how he felt.  Please know that I thank God for you taking such good care of our family by making us a part of yours.  You guys are the best, may God keep blessing your work and lives daily.   Love in Christ, Judy Whitmire; Mausa Spangler Family; and Christy Thurman and Family

Michael Whitmire Family
July 25, 2016

Thank you so much for the way you treated my mom and the rest of our family during the passing of Dad.  You all went above and beyond our expectations, which made dealing with it all a little more bearable.  Thank you again!

The Boehning Family
July 22, 2016

On behalf of the Evelyn Dalton family, I would like to take the opportunity to express our appreciation to the team at Lane Funeral Home for their assistance with the pre-arrangements that we made over a year ago and during the final arrangements and service for Evelyn Dalton this week. I would like to express our appreciation to t hose who worked relentlessly to ensure that not only were our family's requests and expectations met but they were committed to exceeding our expectations.  They listened and responded promptly to our request, they were flexible to the needs of our family, they always presented themselves in professional manner while also being personable.  May God bless and reward each of you for making a difference.  Thank you.

Family of Evelyn Dalton
June 29, 2016

The generosity and kindness expressed during the recent death of Ms. Pittman was greatly appreciated.  What a blessing you were to her family and our ministry.  God will truly bless you for all that you did.      If we can ever help you, please do not hesitate contacting us.  It is because of people like you that our "Cry for the Broken" ministry continues to be such a success.     Thank you again for helping us do God's will by reaching out to others in need.     God Bless You.

Mountain Creek Church of Christ
June 16, 2016

With our true appreciation for your warmth and thoughtfulness.  Our special thanks to Mr. Bradley for the way you helped us.

The Family of Betty Wingo
June 4, 2016

What an incredible surprise to receive my flowers from you all!  Thank you so much for your kind expression of support.  I was truly blessed and uplifted with the beauty of the flowers and touched by the sweet sentiment of God's love as shown through His servants.  God truly uses each of you at Lane Funeral Home on Ashland Terrace to be His hands and feet to serve those who are hurting and heavy with grief.  I am honored to share ministry with you and am blessed to call you friends!  Through your thoughtful gesture, I received strength for my journey to recovery.  Thank you!

Amy Nutt
May 26, 2016

Many thanks for all your thoughtful help to us with the arrangements for G. Richard's services.  Especially Gene and Jordan were reassuring and professional, as well as reassuring.

Famiyl of G. Richard Dunn
March 9, 2015

Dear Ed and Staff     Our sincere thanks for the many acts of kindness and sympathy during Virginia's long illness and death.  We deeply acknowledge and appreciate it with gratitude.  Virginia loved each of you and treasured your friendship and I know the feelings were mutual.  Sincerely,  Velma Mason for the Family

Family of Virginia Turner
January 17, 2015

To each and every one at Lane Funeral Home,  Just wanted to let you know how pleased my family was with each one there.  We couldn't have asked for nicer people.  Thank you for all your kind words.  Mom looked beautiful, she would have been pleased how beautiful evrything was. Thank you God Bless Shirley Hawkins Family

Family of Shirley Hawkins
October 3, 2014

Ed, I had to send you a special thank you.  Paying everyone to be there was such a thing unheard of in this day and time.  They are all special too.  How can I thank you enough!  Gathering all our stuff after the funeral and bringing to my house so we could go to the church dinner was way above and beyond.  You had men (Bart & Gene and I think, George) come over the night Jerry died to help and comfort.  I could go on and on. Everything was perfect and loving. I will always remember all your love and kindness.  I will send anyone I can to Lane (Coulter's) because I love and believe in you and your great crew. Phyllis Miller and Family

Jerry Miller
October 3, 2014

To Ed and all of you at Lane or, as I've always called it, Coulter's Funeral Home: You have been a part of my life since I was a child and had to go to every funeral in the family.  My Daddy and Moma's was hard, but my husband, Jerry's was the hardest. I can't begin to tell you how much I love and appreciate all you did.  All of you were there and taking care of every need.  Many things I didn't even think of and you were leading and taking care of it.  Your heart was in every aspect and you left nothing undone.  It was all perfect and Jerry would have been so pleased.  No one really knows all that has to be done until you go through it.  You are a special group.  It is not just a business, it really is "from the heart"!

Jerry Miller Family
October 3, 2014

Thank you so much for being there for Monty and me when needed.  You made it so easy to plan Mont's service because you knew Monty and out family.  Your assistance at this diffult time was greatly appreciated.

Family of Monty Millard
April 4, 2014

Thank you for all you did in the funeral preparation, visitation and meetings following the death of my mother.  The beautiful red rose at the sign-in table was a special touch as well.  I greatly appreciate all of you, but especially Mike Kellar in how he handled everything both sympathetically and professionally.  Many Thanks, Jane Varnell

Family of Margaret Parmley
March 25, 2014

Thank you so much for the additional memory folders and thank you cards which I requested from you, as well as the pictures of churck for our children.        I appreciate all of the above so much.      Please, relay my thanks to Tammy as well---she did a great job on those pictures.

Family of Chuck Weaver
March 18, 2014

We thank you for your priceless support and guidance.  Your professionalism and friendship mean the worlds! Thank you!  Ingrid, Kristen & Inger

Family of Bill Flautt
February 13, 2014

Thank you for providing a loving, dignified atmosphere for us during our difficult time.  Everything was perfect, every detail and all the staff was so kind and attentive.  We appreciate everything.  Thank you also for the beautiful vase of flowers. Thank you so much for everything.      Family of Galyn Brown, Charlotte Perry, Elizabeth Tubbs, Chrissie Luzier and Presley Nix

Family of Galyn Brown
December 10, 2013

Thank you for your support.  Your contribution to our project is greatly appreciated.  Peggy McClendon, Sec, Betsy Ross Chapter #272 Order of the Eastern Star

McClendon Family
November 16, 2013

Please accept our heartfelt thanks.  At a time like this, words seem not to come on what to say; but the family of Christopher David Summers, wish to thank you for every part you play. From our heart full of love to you in Christ.  Barbara, Cody, Ashley, the Summers Family

Family of Christopher David Summers
November 13, 2013

Thank you for your encouragement and support and the red rose, your professionalism and help during this difficult time of loss. Carolyn Baker and Family

Family of Harold Dean Baker
November 3, 2013

We want to thank you for the care and direction you gave us at our time of sorrow in the death of our brother, Jack R. Kennedy.  It was exemplary service. Shirley & Warren Hardy  and Billye Ragsdale

Family of Jack R. Kennedy
November 1, 2013

Thank you so much for everything! Thank you for your kindness in helping me plan Mark's funeral.  Every step was carefully planned and I am truly humbled by how thru the whole process you all made me feel comforted and cared for.  The funeral was so nice and it was truly "Mark" and I thank you for that.  Thank you for the rose.  I have dried and put it away.  All you are wonderul people and I will never forget all you helped me with.  your friend, Susan Cooper.

Family of Mark Cooper
June 12, 2013

I just wanted to thank ya'll for all your kindness and for the good job ya'll done.  Ya'll will always be in my heart.  Terry w. Shull Sr.

Family of Melva Sue Shull
April 13, 2013

Thank you for everything you did to make my mom's wishes happen.

Family of Sue Owens

Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful at our time of need. Also, thanks for everything that you did for our family. We appreciate everything.

Family of Mittie Worley

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