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Use this form to provide us with as much or as little detail as you wish.  At a minimum, provide us with your name and telephone number and tell us how you'd like us to work with you on the remaining information using the options at the base of the form.

At Lane Funeral Home we are a proud sponsor of the “Care for the Caregiver” Program and we offer the "May We Help" Program.

We are already the most Compassionately Priced Firm in the area putting Dignity over the Dollar!

Read the points below to learn more about the benefits to Advanced Funeral Planning with Lane Funeral Home.

  • Prearranging offers free “Child/Grandchild Protection”. This protection is a $5000 certificate for any unmarried child/grandchild until they are 18 years old at no additional charge.
  • Prearranging freezes today’s funeral prices permanently starting on the issue date of the Pre-Arranged Funeral, allowing inflation to never affect your family.
  • Free Personal Planning Guide.
  • Benefits unhealthy people starting as early as the 7th month.
  • At the time of death, funeral homes aren’t set-up to finance funerals. This allows you to prepare and make payments prior to the time of need and fall under the umbrella of insurance.
  • Pre-Planned funerals can be financed and paid off as early as two years with no penalty.
  • Gives the family peace of mind that wishes were recorded and costs were taken care of.
  • We offer “Travel Protection Coverage” in case you were to pass when on vacation or visiting family abroad.
  • Pre-Need Insurance, unlike regular insurance locks the price of today’s funeral. Regular life insurance depreciates in value every year as inflation goes up.
  • After two years of making payments, you are insured for the full value of the funeral.

Advanced Planning

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